For the best representation of our ink colors, we highly suggest you browse our social media. We try our best to match the color chart as accurately as we can, but it's just not possible for them to be 100% accurate. Color shades may vary when mixed with other colors as well.
​* White is always used as the "blender" in our tags. So white occasionally will show up in your tag. It is hard to get white to show up purposefully, but If you WANT white in your tag, please make sure to add a mixative (gold, silver or rose gold) I have found that this tends to help keep the white.
​* Keep in mind COLORS WILL BLEND. Ex: If you choose pink & blue, we likely will get purple in the tag. 

There are certain colors that tend to look "muddy" together. 

Purple & green / Blue & orange are the main ones. Lets chat if these are colors you'd like to use. There are some things we can try to do to limit the muddiness. 
​*If there is a specific tag you see on my page, or have a specific idea in mind I can try my best to re-create the tag or make what you have in mind, but I cannot gaurantee that I will be able to. Once the inks are placed into the resin, there's only so much I can do to "help" them. The inks have a mind of their own and kind of "dance" and do what they want.

Large rectangle: 6 ink colors max

Medium rectangle: 4 ink colors max

Large Oval: 4 ink colors max

Small rectangle: 4 ink colors max

Small oval: 3 ink colors max

Soft crate tag: 2 colors max


This is just how I drop the inks into your tag. Although sometimes no matter how I drop inks in they end up looking the opposite. I do my very best, but once the inks are dropped in there is only so much I can do to control them.

Need Inspiration?

In most of my posts on social media I include ink colors, vinyl & font that was used for that specific tag.