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Magnet Stickies (Stickies ONLY - 1 Set)

Magnet Stickies (Stickies ONLY - 1 Set)

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(magnets not included)

If you have magnets at home, over time the stickies will lose their adhesive on the back.

Please note: Magnets will only stick to flat, untextured surfaces. They may or may not stick to certain painted surfaces (ie RFK doors that you have painted).

MAGNET TUTORIAL is above if you toggle the photos/videos OR you can view it in my story highlights on Instagram.

Quantity: comes with ONE set of stickies (2 total).

Recommendations on how many magnets for each tag size:

Oval tag: 1 set of magnets

Small rectnagle: 1 set of magnets

Large rectangle: 3 sets of magnets

Large rectangle with title charms: 3 sets of magnets

Large rectangle with wire ribbon panel: 4 sets of magnets or more depending on how many ribbons/certificates are going on it.

If you are ordering stickies only, they will NOT come with tracking. If you'd like tracking on your stickies, please include a note that you would like tracking.

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